Wassup Rocker Radio’s Blood Visions #7 – New Music Videos


this week’s Wassup Rocker Radio ‘s Blood Visions kicks into action with a very cool video by #PowerPop band from Washington D.C. called Bad Moves for “Cool Generator!” up next is 60’s throwback garage rockers from Texas, Mean Motor Scooter with their video for “Sea Serpent!” to end the video show today is #RiotGrrl band Peach Club from Norwich with their video for “Bad Bitch!”

Wassup Rocker Radio’s Blood Visions – New Music Videos #6

This week’s Wassup Rocker Radio ‘s Blood Visions starts with brand NEW video and single “Hustlin'” by L.A. punks GLITTER TRASH! Up next is another NEW video by garage rocker Paul Orwell for his single “Speak of the Devil!” To end the visions for the week is a NEW video for “Melody” by UK punk rockers Lucy and the Rats! Please WATCH and SHARE! (Go download Hustlin’ and another song by Lucy and the Rats on a FREE comp at http://wassuprockerradio.bandcamp.com ) #NewMusicVideos #Punk#GarageRock #GlamRock

Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds FREE Bandcamp Compilation


Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds is ready for you to DOWNLOAD for FREE!!!! Featuring 32 cool bands from all over the world!!! Featuring: Geoff Palmer (New Hampshire), The Why oh why’s (Sweden) , Lucy and the Rats (UK) , GLITTER TRASH (L.A./Detroit) , The Matt Truman Ego Trip(Toledo) , Criminal Kids (Chicago) , The Cheetahs (Detroit *Unreleased Song) , Black Heart Breakers (Australia) , Brad Marino (New Hampshire) , Devious Ones (Detroit), FAZ WALTZ (Italy), Private Function (Australia) , Killer Hearts (Texas) , BBQT (Texas) , Küken (Germany) , LATTE+(Italy) , XSLF (Belfast / Ex Stiff Little Fingers) , The Darts – US (L.A. / Alternative Tentacles) , Razorbats (Norway) , Molly & The Krells(Australia) , Rik & The Pigs (Olympia), Stufft Crust (San Francisco) , The Crazy Squeeze (L.A.) , The Exbats (Arizona / Burger Records) , Teenage Frames (L.A.) , The Handcuffs (Chicago / Featuring Drummer of The Romantics), VOIID (Australia) , The Connection (New Hampshire), The SOLD And BONES (L.A.), Dirty Cheetah (Canada) , Rosegarden Funeral Party (Texas), GINO and the GOONS (Florida *Unreleased Song)  #NewMusic #GarageRock #Punk #GlamRock#RockNRoll

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