Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #12


Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #12 starts out in the outback with Australian Punk Rockers Molly & The Krells (featuring Hayden from Black Heart Breakers) followed by Kansas City supergroup Radar State featuring members of The Get Up Kids, Architects and The Anniversary! And lastly its time to get weird with L.A. garage rockers Frankie and the Witch Fingers!

17495148_1893512190894960_2576168671730728960_nThe debut EP from Sydney Rock n” Roll Punks Molly & The Krells took me by surprise. The majority of the Aussie Punk-Rock I found during my time living and travelling the East Coast was predominantly fast Skate Punk and Melodic Hardcore and thats ok. ‘Ok‘ is an understatement but all I am doing is digressing further so lets put a cork in that and focus now. The band’s debut EP carries such a dated and in many ways Proto-Punk sound that it is really quite refreshing rather than regurgitating. ‘Relationshit’ almost teases you with early 90’s Pop-Punk in the opening riff but then carries a tone closer to Iggy and the Stooges instead. The song is playful and as far as big name-drops go, the Ramones, Green Day and even a slight Surf-Rock tone can be taken from this Garage Punk Rock n’ Roll.

18582203_432663363770822_2472578321801689994_nThe Get Up Kids and The Anniversary have been leaders of Kansas City emo/indie rock for roughly two decades, so it’s very exciting news that singers of those bands have come together to form a new band,  Radar State. The band features The Get Up Kids co-frontmen Matt Pryor and Jim Suptic, and The Anniversary frontman Josh Berwanger, and rounding out the lineup is drummer Adam Phillips (The Architects, The Gadjits). The premiere of the track “Spinning Wheel.” Jim Suptic sings this one, and it sounds like classic Get Up Kids.

frankie-witch-fingers-picLA garage-psych crew Frankie & The Witch Fingers are direct sonic descendants of head-trippers like The 13th Floor Elevators, The Pretty Things and The Seeds, and have an energy and approach to songcraft that most of the groups in this crowded genre don’t. The band are set to release their new album, Brain Telephone, on September 15 via Permanent Records.

Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #11


Hey rockers! Starting this one out with a goofy video for Talk 2 Her by Burger Records artist Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs. To follow up is a track by brand new band out of L.A. called Saint Cecilia with their song We Know Us. This mixtape comes to a loud halt with a raging fast paced punk song called Gender of My Animals by Rad Payoff from Chicago!

640Toronto’s Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs, the band that emerged onto the scene with the snappy melodies of power-pop and the lo-fi abrasiveness of classic garage. But going deeper into the band’s discography, they’ve set foot with stripped-down garage on their 2011 self-titled album. Leading up to 2014’s Gates Of Hell, the band’s sound gradually evolved from lo-fi simplicity to powerful rock n’ roll hooks reminiscent of bands like Cheap Trick and The Cars. On their new self-titled album, Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs are propelled forward with colorful songwriting and pristine production. Lead single, “Talk 2 Her,” opens the album with hard-hitting guitar chords and catchy vocals that embody a glimmer of heartland rock, and other tracks such as “Judy” and “Ragnarok” embody a similar melodic zeal. “Tough” captures the no-frills core of classic rock n’ roll with guitar chops and bold melodies espoused by Thin Lizzy. The band flexes their rock n’ roll prowess with the punked up energy of  the buoyant “Voicemail” and sinister “Pressure.” This album is a significant turning point for Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs. The band’s songwriting is spot-on, but they still know how to have fun, as seen on the official video for “Talk 2 Her.” Until the next release, this is a band to watch out for.

17017204_1885629905039567_8830205373362344574_oSaint Cecilia‘s first-ever video arrives just in time to remind anybody with a short attention span (ahem) what a delight their debut album “Entrance” (released last October) is. Drenched in twining female harmonies and retro sunshine, the music marked a new turn for Cecilia Enriquez, returning to the fore for the first time since she played in C-horse. The video for “We Know Us,” directed by James Sebastian Fendelander, is a straightforward affair, with Enriquez wearing one a currently omnipresent “The Future Is Female” T-shirts and she and her band charge through the song and its straight-outta-the-’60s “ba ba ba’s.” Sing-alongs are inevitable.

0009047380_10Rad Payoff, which touts members of Sass Dragons, is about to release Slow & Weird, which, true to its name, sees the band trying to diverge a bit from their razor-wire sound by splicing in some more dramatic elements. On “Gender of My Animals,” though, Rad Payoff are still on their biting, break-neck flow.

Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #10


Well we’ve made it to Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #10! This one kicks it out with a all new music starting out with Dusty Mush from France! Up next is a heavy fuzzy ride with Las Robertas from Costa Rica! To close out this week’s mixtape is garage rockers, Ice Cold Slush from London with their song call Brain freeze! Thanks for watching and please SHARE if you like what you saw! We appreciate your support. Check back next week for new great music videos!!!

Dusty-Mush-Press-ShotDusty Mush are a French three-piece, comprising Maxime Saïd (Drums), Romain Duplessier (Bass), and Cédric Bottacchi (Guitar, keyboard & vocals); in addition to the lo-fi sounds of their music, Duplessier has  also recorded some videos on VHS as if to underline their approach (see above video). This desire to step back in terms of technology towards something that is less polished is, conversely, more difficult to achieve given the more intricate techniques that are involved. For me, though, they have been worth it in the way that they have produced both sound and visuals that enhance the music without playing to nostalgia.

imageCosta Rica has blessed us with the 60’s retro inspired band Las Robertas. For those who don’t know, the San José based trio consists of drummer Fabrizio Durán, guitarist and vocalist Mercedes Oller, and bassist and vocalist Sonya Carmona. Their distinguishing echoing and hypnotizing sirena-like voices over punk and psychedelic melodies creates a complete trance of their own. You’ll immediately be sonically drawn into the world of Las Robertas. Las Robertas’ upcoming album Waves of the New came out May 5th.

ICE-COLD-SLUSH-e1489937950403Ice Cold Slush have a name which brings back a really horrible memory of me begging my mum to buy me a blue slush puppy, and I drank it so fast I threw up. Blue sick. All over me. It took a long time for me to have one ever again. Painful memory aside, Ice Cold Slush thankfully don’t leave me throwing up over myself. They have this sound that’s every part distorted with hints of obscure Garage rock bands you didn’t even know existed. They’ve got a real basement band feel about them. They’re a band that you evidently need to see live. As I’m pretty much in no state to sit/stand/lay for long periods of time at the moment (an everlasting back problem that is making me grouchy and the painkillers I have aren’t doing a thing is just an added bonus) I’d urge YOU to go see them. I have every feeling that their live shows will be rowdy and just a thrilling thing to be part of. Most of their clips on their soundcloud page are live recordings, and that alone just sets the tone for how they are, for how excellent they are. Their sound is nothing short of perfect and it reminds me of so many bands I’ve loved before from Bikini Kill to Vivian Girls. A real lo-fi sound that’ll make you want to either join their band, or start your own. Ice Cold Slush are three buddies from London who make a lot of noise. The kind of noise a teen would play to irk a parent or for an adult to escape the world from. Actually, irrespective of age, we all want to escape sometimes. Their name automatically makes you think of the summer, the pleasant side of it. But after listening to them, their sound resembles that murky, sticky feeling of being somewhere too hot. Covered in sweat that belongs to you and whoever else. Basically, they sound like a great time. They instantly make you feel as if you’re in a tiny venue covered in drinks and sweat. If you leave a gig, and this doesn’t happen or you’re not injured in some way- then you’ve not had a good time. Allow yourself to get smacked a few times and lob a drink over yourself if you must.


Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #9


To start off is a new video by a band from the London called The Shoots with their hit right out of the gates “I Don’t Know.” Followed by a new surfy garage rock jam by Austin Texas rockers, Soaked with their song “Julia.” And to go out out with a huge bang this week is “The Loudest band in the World” the Icelandic loud garage punks Pink Street Boys blasting their new track called “Wet.” Thanks for watching and listening, rockers! SHARE this if you enjoyed this week’s mixtape!

the-shoots-04The Shoots consist of Paul Orwell (guitar / backing vocals) & vocal extraordinaire Lord Essien with a live band featuring Michael Parrett (bass) & Charley Herbert (drums). Featuring 4 prong push out centres & wavy edged company sleeve, the sound and image take you back to 1965 and the heyday of British Rhythm & Blues.

6719885 (1)Soaked is a band from Austin, Texas that looks like a freakin’ band. Look at the album cover for Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today. Young, frivolous, drinking beer, bohemian and long hair. That aesthetic has been popular for decades and it’s not going away. I’d also argue the general garage/surf rock sound these young guys play isn’t going anywhere either. If you have even glazed the fringe of rock for the last couple years you will know bands like Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin have helped somewhat to resurrect garage rock. Did it ever go away? Before digital recording I would say a bit but now that almost anyone can record, every genre that was popular has a niche pool of artists who keep it alive. ​Let’s face it there are a copious bands out there following the footsteps of those aforementioned bands. Unfortunately most aren’t in the same league. Soaked isn’t one of those bands. The band has that spark, X-factor whatever you want to call it that makes the music stand out against a lot of the noise.

11234869_441378312739784_2167038585829246896_oDuring a break between songs, a friend shouts into my ear, “They are too loud!” I try to respond, but my words are lost to Pink Street Boys’ onslaught of guitars, pedals, unintelligible vocals and loud drums. At a time when cultural export is the name of the game, with local bands cashing in on the world’s interest in the dreamy and cute Icelandic sound, Pink Street Boys are unruly, crass, full of attitude, unapologetic, and as my friend previously mentioned, loud. The five-piece band only stepped onto the scene a couple of years ago, shredding through their 60s-style garage rock wherever they could. They’ve been busy, too, releasing a demo cassette, and recently a vinyl through 12 Tónar’s record label. Their boisterous attitude on stage is mirrored off of it, as I discovered when I shared a room with them at last year’s Eistnaflug festival—their drunken antics preventing me from getting much sleep over the weekend.