Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds FREE Bandcamp Compilation


Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds is ready for you to DOWNLOAD for FREE!!!! Featuring 32 cool bands from all over the world!!! Featuring: Geoff Palmer (New Hampshire), The Why oh why’s (Sweden) , Lucy and the Rats (UK) , GLITTER TRASH (L.A./Detroit) , The Matt Truman Ego Trip(Toledo) , Criminal Kids (Chicago) , The Cheetahs (Detroit *Unreleased Song) , Black Heart Breakers (Australia) , Brad Marino (New Hampshire) , Devious Ones (Detroit), FAZ WALTZ (Italy), Private Function (Australia) , Killer Hearts (Texas) , BBQT (Texas) , Küken (Germany) , LATTE+(Italy) , XSLF (Belfast / Ex Stiff Little Fingers) , The Darts – US (L.A. / Alternative Tentacles) , Razorbats (Norway) , Molly & The Krells(Australia) , Rik & The Pigs (Olympia), Stufft Crust (San Francisco) , The Crazy Squeeze (L.A.) , The Exbats (Arizona / Burger Records) , Teenage Frames (L.A.) , The Handcuffs (Chicago / Featuring Drummer of The Romantics), VOIID (Australia) , The Connection (New Hampshire), The SOLD And BONES (L.A.), Dirty Cheetah (Canada) , Rosegarden Funeral Party (Texas), GINO and the GOONS (Florida *Unreleased Song)  #NewMusic #GarageRock #Punk #GlamRock#RockNRoll

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