Wassup Rocker Radio’s Blood Visions – New Music Videos #2

Wassup Rocker Radio‘s Blood Visions #2 Kicks it out with a video by psych garage rockers The Prefab Messiahs video for “Monster Riff!” Followed by a cool video for “Desperandos” by Albinos Congo! The visions end this week with an exciting video by wild rockers Landline for their song “Heart Attack!” Thanks for watching!


Wassup Rocker Radio’s Blood Visions – New Music Videos #1

After a year its time to rebrand video mixtapes to Wassup Rocker Radio ‘s Blood Visions – New Music Videos! This debut of Blood Visions is a #PowerPop showcase! It starts out with another fantastic song by The Connection with their video for “In The End”! Up next is Canadian power pop rock n rollers Dany Laj and The Looks video for “Left Right To One”! To end today’s visions is power poppers from Helsinki, The Everybody Knows with their video for very catchy song “Hello Hello!”