Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #18


Starting off this week’s video mixtape is Lovely Bad Things from  L.A. Up next is Milwaukee garage rockers The Pukes , up next we focus on punk rockers Amyl and the Sniffers from Australia. We end this week’s mixtape with a power pop hit by White Reaper called Judy French! Enjoy the newest, best videos I could find for you this week! SHARE it if you enjoyed it!

27DECE6D-EFBA-02DD-DF7D1308AD3F7B69If you are or have ever been a directionless 20-something teetering on the cusp of an existential crisis, Teenage Grownups– the infectious first single off the new Lovely Bad Things album of the same name– is your next new escape from crushing reality. The song encapsulates the universal feeling of not knowing which way is up when you’re trying to find yourself, all wrapped up nicely in a hook-driven, power pop package. Like a high school crush you never quite got over, Teenage Grownups pulls at your heartstrings by mixing sentimental sincerity with a rush of playful nostalgia. Expect instrumental nods to bands like Pavement and Dinosaur Jr., placed alongside vocal arrangements and melodies that are uniquely Lovely Bad Things.

PukesMilwaukee punks The Pukes play catchy as hell 50s inspired punk rock in a similar bucket as Hunx and His Punx but a little more rockin’, like the snotty offspring of Eddie Cochran and Glen Danzig (not sure how that happens but whatever). They’ve only been around since 2015 – releasing a single and an EP and now their debut “The Revenge of The Pukes” – 10 or so cuts of frantic doo-wop garage boogie rock and roll.

news-headerAmyl and the Sniffers are punky, mid-70s glam revival goodness from Melbourne. Every track is an easy-sleazy headbopper, but opener I’m Not A Loser is the clear winner here, like a teenage Sex Pistols with the brattiest kid sister imaginable on vox. Perfectly snotty stuff, it almost demands you break every window in your high school.

white-reaper-imageWhite Reaper are from Louisville, KY—where the Muhammad Ali Center stands as a tribute to its native son who backed up the greatest anthology of shit talk ever heard. It’d be enough to have the sense of humor to call their album The World’s Best American Band. Even better if they have the heart to actually mean it. But White Reaper have the chops and the guts to make their hometown hero proud: bragging is when a person says something and can’t do it and White Reaper do what they say. In White Reaper’s world, being coy about influence means you have something to hide and they proudly flaunt theirs like denim patches—-Ramones of course, but also Cheap Trick, Kiss, Thin Lizzy Van Halen, rock bands who essentially functioned as pop. The opening title track poses *The World’s Best American Band *as both a concept record and self-fulfilling prophecy, piping in the kind of crowd noise that can only be generated in arenas far bigger than White Reaper may ever see in this lifetime.



Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #17


This week’s Wassup Rocker Radio Video Mixtape starts out with Swedish punk rockers Rotten Mind playing their song “Things I Can’t See” followed by L.A. shock rockers Starcrawler performing their song “Ants.” Up next is a very 60’s sounding but brand new song by U.K. rocker, Paul Orwell called “Attack” and last but not least Kilo Tango with her video for the song “Don’t Bring Me Roses!”

rottenRotten Mind is a typical punk band, restless youth with a background in the hardcore punk band Agent Attitude. The band is on an everlasting search away from their everyday boredom, continue living fast and in chaos to keep those voices out of the head.

18160929_1884609561809719_3376882495625625600_nStarcrawler‘s song “Ants” is packed with explosive, gritty rock ‘n’ roll riffs and a dexterous, commanding vocal courtesy of de Wilde. One fan describes it as “if T-Rex and Bauhaus had offspring.” Another thinks, “Joey Ramone is smiling from rock and roll heaven!” And that’s just the recording.

PO_1The London area singer/songwriter, Paul Orwell will steamroll you with his retro energy and if you didn’t know any better you would think this was the solo project from a member in The Pretty Things, Small Faces or The Animals. The young brash lad has just flipped that sound and released one of the best sounding ‘60s beat British Invasion records in 2015 with plenty of distorted guitars, mood pacing organ, and hooks that will keep you coming back for more.

avatars-000328264634-lp5i4s-t500x500.jpgWith classic garage pop hooks, and a memorable melody. Kilo Tango’s “Don’t Bring Me Roses” will hook you so deep you’ll be singing it in the middle of the night.

Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #16


This weeks Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #16 starts out in a restaurant with Baltimore rockers Wet Brain with their song called “Waitress.” Next in the mix is “Dead Beat” by Canadian garage rockers Wine Lips. The last video features 2 young ladies from London called The Pearl Harts who are ready to make a huge wave in music with their song “Hit The Bottle.” Thanks for watching and listening guys and gals!

0007260941_10Wet Brain have a sound which reminds me of some good stuff from the 90s. It’s kind of punk, kind of heavy, but also a bit playful. There’s more sarcasm in those lyrics than straight up criticism. They also have a bit of a surf influence which plays out as more noir-ish than groovy. That plus mucho, mucho attitude in every single song gives them an urgency, but in an enjoyable way (this distinguishes them from most hardcore, though Wet Brain hold their own in the intensity department). Why aren’t there more bands like this in DC?

12968770_10156736229180317_787930809_nToronto based rock group, Wine Lips, just released their self-titled EP full of smashing, high energy garage rock numbers. The EP is a burst of 4 lively tracks with quick tempos, gritty guitars, and powerful vocals. The first track begins with a brief ambient intro before quickly exploding into an unbelievably energetic opening riff that captures the listener’s attention and refuses to let it go. The short track isn’t even two minutes long, but it’s still quite the journey. This song is a burst of in-your-face energy, and urges the listener to fully embrace the chaotic nature of Wine Lips’ unique type of rock.  “Dead Beat,” which similarly to “Slaves” is a quick burst of excitement. With its fast-paced guitar solos between the verses, unrelenting high tempos, and shouted vocals this number is reminiscent of the essence of classic punk rock and is sure to be a crowd pleaser at their next live show. This song will easily get you singing along and dancing like a maniac.

pearl_harts_10The Pearl Harts present their new track ‘Hit The Bottle’- an intense shot of in your-face attitude; snarling vocals, screeching guitar loops and insistent drums. Their incredible live show has found them as an in-demand warm-up act for musical giants such as Garbage, Stereophonics and now Skunk Anansie.

Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #15


Rock ‘n’ Roll is still alive and well with this week’s Wassup Rocker Radio video Mixtape #15 with a new young band from year-round x-mas town aka Frankenmuth, Michigan called Greta Van Fleet followed by a single just released on Burger Records by Mattiel! To end this mixtape is a rockin’ dreamy song by Alvvays! Thanks for listening and watching!

imgWhen’s the last time that you heard a single song by a band that literally stopped you in your tracks and let out a “Damn” equivalent to Chris Tucker in the movie Friday? Well, that’s exactly what happened on our very first listen to “Highway Tune” from a band that we knew absolutely nothing about. Well, we’re going to let you in on a secret that won’t be a secret for long. This young band on the rise is called Greta Van Fleet and if you don’t already know who they are, then pull up a chair, some headphones and pay attention to what we’re about to tell you. Greta Van Fleet is a rock band hailing from Frankenmuth, MI and is comprised of three brothers and their childhood friend. Two of the brothers are twins, the youngest two members are still in high school and it’s kind of crazy how much the singer sounds like Robert Plant. Yes, they do have names and they are Jake Kiszka on guitars, Josh Kiszka on vocals, Sam Kiszka on bass/keyboards and Danny Wagner on drums.

0010715577_10Mattiel’s new single/video “Whites of Their Eyes” from Burger Records is a tasty slice of city-meets-desert Americana: an energetic anthem with chugging electronic rhythms and just a sweet hint of twang. A designer by day, the video is sumptuous with red and rustic colors and vivid imagery, matching the ready-for-stadium-rock appeal of her shouted challenges and big-beat backing. “Mattiel” in the Urban Dictionary is “a young female who likes to take baths with a lot of crayons,” and that warm, artistic description of her tag explains the creative pleasure of her work.

Alvvays2017Canada’s Alvvays have a new album on the way called Antisocialities. Due out September 8th via Polyvinyl, it marks their sophomore record following their 2014 self-titled debut. Last month, the indie pop outfit shared the LP’s lead single, a wistful yet infectious number called “In Undertow.” Now, the official music video has been revealed. Directed by Joe Garrity, it’s a fuzzy, dreamlike watch starring singer Molly Rankin, who describes it as “aquacosmic psych meets public access TV.” There are kaleidoscopic colors as well as dizzying camera tricks involving mirrored images. “I’m aware of my own drowning fixation and fascinated by that bizarre lunar-tidal relationship,” Rankin explains in a press statement. “We’ve already filled our water video quota. Space is a trippier ocean.”

Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #14


Three New Australian bands showcased on his week’s Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #14 starting with Drunk Mums‘ fun fast paced video for Ode to Death followed by a very angsty grungy song by 58008 called Repression and to spin out of control with Spontaneous Combustion by Private Function!

drunkmums-12Melbourne garage punks Drunk Mums have just dropped the first taste of their forthcoming EP Denim.  The “Ode To Death” video is a suitably lo-fi affair, with a grim reaper (complete with plastic dollar-shop scythe) going about his daily routine (cutting grass, leisure sports etc) and the band rocking out in a gnarly-looking aqueduct.

a0790357328_1058008 – yes, like the calculator trick, only don’t be calling them Boobs –  are a super new punk band who after only a few shows are already seriously badass. Consisting of members of local heroes Yarbles, Peak Twins and Masses, 58008 are experienced enough to create 10/10 fast, furious and futuristic punk smash hits.

15665662_222325784843746_2005865561239150207_nMelbourne garage punk hellraisers Private Function are back with a new video for their track Spontaneous Combustion. Tearing up the streets of Collingwood in an explosion of cartoon violence and destruction, the threat of Spontaneous Combustion will get you in the end.

Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #13


Happy Independence Day, rockers! Don’t go blowing off any fingers, be safe out there! Here’s a rockin’ mixtape to kick off your holiday with a video by Patsy’s Rats followed by a new video by Canadian garage rockers Pale Lips and to end the show is a psychedelic trip by Max Pain and The Groovies!

12244256_1498508980450172_7131460209993480505_oPatsy of Patsy’s Rats was “Conceived on tour, on the road to Berlin. Eagle spirit adorned in Lake Tahoe during our wedding ceremony,” says papa Howe Gelb of daughter Patsy, songwriting frontwoman of glammy power-poppers Patsy’s Rats. “Her blazing blue soul woke me up on Court Avenue just prior to birth. She survived being born six weeks premature in Hollywood. Learned to dance at Pappy & Harriet’s [a storied joint near Joshua Tree] just a few years afterwards. Basically, raised by wolves. Her stepmom showed her the ways of the old country. Not Hank Williams, foo’. Denmark. I assisted with the Hank part.” Other strands in Patsy Gelb’s musical DNA come from her gifted mother Paula Jean Brown. In ’84, Brown became the bassist for The Go-Go’s and then co-wrote “Mad About You,” the huge (Top 10) Belinda Carlisle’s solo hit. Brown has also toured with everyone from Steve Wynn to Sparklehorse. So, yeah, the trajectory, as sequenced in her DNA, is clear. Patsy Gelb was, um, born to rock, as they say.

14706948_1703798179842724_989002910103526173_oMontreal punk rockers PALE LIPS just can’t seem to stay outta trouble! Whether it’s exploding themselves, kitchen catastrophes, scooter bloopers, messing around with an Old Flame, or just cockily waving their switchblades around the mean streets of New York City, the girls’ inept buffoonery will make you roll your eyes while sighing,

16904607_1415935041771516_8419290120911670296_oSometimes we daydream about forming our own personal cartoon cosmos of music, hand-drawn and unstoppable, filled with bands that are too cool to actually exist, with riffs so huge, so catchy, they can bridge the unimaginable, endless yawning void between galaxies. In space, no one can hear you get down and boogie. But mostly, we just hang out and listen to Deep Purple records. With the billion-star-bright impression left in our mind after listening to “Electro Cosmic” by Max Pain and the Groovies, it’s like doing both of those things at the same time.


Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #12


Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #12 starts out in the outback with Australian Punk Rockers Molly & The Krells (featuring Hayden from Black Heart Breakers) followed by Kansas City supergroup Radar State featuring members of The Get Up Kids, Architects and The Anniversary! And lastly its time to get weird with L.A. garage rockers Frankie and the Witch Fingers!

17495148_1893512190894960_2576168671730728960_nThe debut EP from Sydney Rock n” Roll Punks Molly & The Krells took me by surprise. The majority of the Aussie Punk-Rock I found during my time living and travelling the East Coast was predominantly fast Skate Punk and Melodic Hardcore and thats ok. ‘Ok‘ is an understatement but all I am doing is digressing further so lets put a cork in that and focus now. The band’s debut EP carries such a dated and in many ways Proto-Punk sound that it is really quite refreshing rather than regurgitating. ‘Relationshit’ almost teases you with early 90’s Pop-Punk in the opening riff but then carries a tone closer to Iggy and the Stooges instead. The song is playful and as far as big name-drops go, the Ramones, Green Day and even a slight Surf-Rock tone can be taken from this Garage Punk Rock n’ Roll.

18582203_432663363770822_2472578321801689994_nThe Get Up Kids and The Anniversary have been leaders of Kansas City emo/indie rock for roughly two decades, so it’s very exciting news that singers of those bands have come together to form a new band,  Radar State. The band features The Get Up Kids co-frontmen Matt Pryor and Jim Suptic, and The Anniversary frontman Josh Berwanger, and rounding out the lineup is drummer Adam Phillips (The Architects, The Gadjits). The premiere of the track “Spinning Wheel.” Jim Suptic sings this one, and it sounds like classic Get Up Kids.

frankie-witch-fingers-picLA garage-psych crew Frankie & The Witch Fingers are direct sonic descendants of head-trippers like The 13th Floor Elevators, The Pretty Things and The Seeds, and have an energy and approach to songcraft that most of the groups in this crowded genre don’t. The band are set to release their new album, Brain Telephone, on September 15 via Permanent Records.