Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #21


Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #21 begins with a wild paced video by U.K.’s punks, FREAK! Up next is Swedish garage rocker Ditches with their song X-Ray Eyes! After that is a brand new video from Lolipop records’ L.A. garage rock band called The Squids! To end the show is Finnish, I want to call them Finlandiers, Blue Eyed Sons with their killer song called Animals!

freak.jpgConnar Ridd goes by the name of Freak (he prefers to use all capitals, “nice and loud and bold”, so you can see him coming). You can certainly hear him a mile off, this 19-year-old one-man band whose bleepified, poppy but riff-heavy grunge’n’roll nods, on his debut EP, to Nirvana and Arctic Monkeys. It really is all him (live, two mates handle bass and drums). He then adds assorted effects, “keyboards in” the synth-bass parts, and does all the vocals: his studio bedroom set-up comprises a cheap laptop, Logic Pro, a midi keyboard off eBay and a microphone his parents bought him for Christmas.


ditches.jpgDitches are from Stockholm, Sweden. They are amazing. I sadly couldn’t find any reviews about them online. Go like their facebook page!

squids.jpgThe Squids craft these sweet and sugary garage pop nuggets with clean guitars and fluttering organs and deliver them as honestly as possible to the point where your heart melts. “Blondie” is the perfect example of their sun-drenched pop, boasting bubbly hand-claps, shimmering guitars and a tight rhythm section. The song changes gears about halfway through, setting us up with an invigorating build-up of punchy bass lines, rolling drums and blissful howling. It ends up revealing a twangy guitar solo to close out the track, which should leave your mouth watering for more of this deliciously uplifting garage pop.”  (Sampled from Styrofoam Drone)

blue eyedWe were very impressed by Blue Eyed Sons‘ music and their stage presence reminded us very much of the sixties and seventies rock sound. Bands like The DoorsLed Zeppelin and the like were never far from my mind. After the show I managed to have a talk with singer Joel Hellström to praise their show and he was so kind as to hand me their latest EP Animals (a.k.a. “London Sessions”). 


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