Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #20


Today’s Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #20 features a new video by U.K.’s The Surfing Magazines followed by garage poppers The Beaches from Toronto! Up next is a song from Haliax garage rockers The Orielles! And lastly a new video by Nashville rockers Tristen! Cool fact, one of the girls at the slumber party is Nikki from Those Darlins!

0010448368_10.jpgThe Surfing Magazines is a new project from familiar faces. Featuring two thirds of The Wave Pictures and one half of Slow Club, the band’s garage rock crunch matches the menace of Link Wray to some poignantly British songwriting.

TheBeaches_Money_cover_vfinal.jpgThe Beaches are back with a new single and it’s a banger! Money will be off the forthcoming debut album scheduled to be out this fall. These hardcore ladies are Death From Above 1979‘s special guests on their North American tour, so be sure to check them out when they come to a town near you.

theorielles-768x512.jpgThe Orielles are an indie band. But not in the derogatory “landfill” sense. They’re reclaiming the word, reminding us that “indie” used to be something to aspire to. In this, they’re quite noughties: they do the girl-group-go-garage-rock thing that was de rigueur a few years back, especially in Brooklyn, and there’s a chillwave glaze and surf-pop shimmer over some of their tracks. But they’re also quintessentially 80s indie. Their shambling jangles can be reminiscent of the maligned C86 scene but, on their more recent tracks, there is a rhythmic propulsion that marks them out as progeny of an earlier NME cassette compilation of alternative music: namely, Dancin’ Master, from 1981, which evinced the then-radical shift towards dub, disco and funk.

Tristen-GOT-SOME-art-no-text-web+(1).jpgTristen, who performs and records under her first name, was raised in Chicago but moved to Nashville a decade ago. There she met the guitarist and producer Hughen, and the pair was soon collaborating. They’ve made three albums of deeply catchy classic pop, with Tristen’s crystalline voice and empathetic, incisive lyrics at the center. The latest, Sneaker Waves, is her best yet – a meditation on the tragic habits and tender aspirations of people stumbling through the rapid changes of 21st century life.

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