Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #19


Lets kick things off with a incredible new video by the U.K. garage rock punk Bad Nerves with their song Radio Punk. Up next is a very catchy garage punk rock band from Glasgow called Catholic Action. Keeping this fun going is another new band called The Naturals, they’re a garagey power pop duo from the Newcastle England. To end the show is L.A. power pop rockers The Tearaways featuring Clem Burke of Blondie on the drums!


badnervesTaking influence from the likes of T-Rex, The Ramones and Big Star, Bad Nerves are controlled anthemic chaos. Sitting somewhere between Charlie Moon & The Moonhearts and Ty Segall, “Radio Punk” has all the hallmarks of a power pop jam but with a distinctive garage-rock feel. It is a very decisive track for a band in their formative stages, combining brash vocals with jagged guitar and a simplistic but incredibly effective backbeat. It has been a tough time for guitar bands of late but as Bad Nerves have demonstrated, a little rock and roll never hurt anyone. (Review sampled from DIYMAG)

catholic-action-8-600-1This is Catholic Action‘s first single since February’s Doing Well – one of best of songs the year so far, if you ask us – Propaganda is a notably different affair from the snappy, glam-pop sound which characterizes the band’s previous offerings, but is no less infectious. From the opening synth lines, the 80’s goth-pop influences -the Cure in particular – are immediately apparent with Chris McCrory’s vocal delivery taking on a more yearning, forlorn style than usual, but in typical Catholic Action style, it’s an instantly catchy and uplifting anthem for the summer days ahead. (Review sampled from poppedmusic uk)

320936_189597061111829_541453508_nThe Naturals are an Retro Rock Power Pop band from the Newcastle area consisting of brothers Aaron and Keiren Jolly. Their cleverly titled debut album We Are The Naturals and was entirely written, recorded and produced by the band themselves and has been released independently. Keep and eye out for this band if they tour to your town make sure to go see them!

19894655_10154695092573531_2595617513391112615_nThere’s been some real thought put into these songs providing variance and wit. The whole Tearaways album is a fun packed thing and when I bemoan the likes of Coldplay and their miserable sound it’s because of albums like this. Let it show that you are enjoying it and the listeners will too. This ticks all the boxes. The only thing that I’m not sure about is the title, something different, but a bit of a mouthful. – Don Valentine “Hear A Single” – Blogspot

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