Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #16


This weeks Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #16 starts out in a restaurant with Baltimore rockers Wet Brain with their song called “Waitress.” Next in the mix is “Dead Beat” by Canadian garage rockers Wine Lips. The last video features 2 young ladies from London called The Pearl Harts who are ready to make a huge wave in music with their song “Hit The Bottle.” Thanks for watching and listening guys and gals!

0007260941_10Wet Brain have a sound which reminds me of some good stuff from the 90s. It’s kind of punk, kind of heavy, but also a bit playful. There’s more sarcasm in those lyrics than straight up criticism. They also have a bit of a surf influence which plays out as more noir-ish than groovy. That plus mucho, mucho attitude in every single song gives them an urgency, but in an enjoyable way (this distinguishes them from most hardcore, though Wet Brain hold their own in the intensity department). Why aren’t there more bands like this in DC?

12968770_10156736229180317_787930809_nToronto based rock group, Wine Lips, just released their self-titled EP full of smashing, high energy garage rock numbers. The EP is a burst of 4 lively tracks with quick tempos, gritty guitars, and powerful vocals. The first track begins with a brief ambient intro before quickly exploding into an unbelievably energetic opening riff that captures the listener’s attention and refuses to let it go. The short track isn’t even two minutes long, but it’s still quite the journey. This song is a burst of in-your-face energy, and urges the listener to fully embrace the chaotic nature of Wine Lips’ unique type of rock.  “Dead Beat,” which similarly to “Slaves” is a quick burst of excitement. With its fast-paced guitar solos between the verses, unrelenting high tempos, and shouted vocals this number is reminiscent of the essence of classic punk rock and is sure to be a crowd pleaser at their next live show. This song will easily get you singing along and dancing like a maniac.

pearl_harts_10The Pearl Harts present their new track ‘Hit The Bottle’- an intense shot of in your-face attitude; snarling vocals, screeching guitar loops and insistent drums. Their incredible live show has found them as an in-demand warm-up act for musical giants such as Garbage, Stereophonics and now Skunk Anansie.

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