Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #15


Rock ‘n’ Roll is still alive and well with this week’s Wassup Rocker Radio video Mixtape #15 with a new young band from year-round x-mas town aka Frankenmuth, Michigan called Greta Van Fleet followed by a single just released on Burger Records by Mattiel! To end this mixtape is a rockin’ dreamy song by Alvvays! Thanks for listening and watching!

imgWhen’s the last time that you heard a single song by a band that literally stopped you in your tracks and let out a “Damn” equivalent to Chris Tucker in the movie Friday? Well, that’s exactly what happened on our very first listen to “Highway Tune” from a band that we knew absolutely nothing about. Well, we’re going to let you in on a secret that won’t be a secret for long. This young band on the rise is called Greta Van Fleet and if you don’t already know who they are, then pull up a chair, some headphones and pay attention to what we’re about to tell you. Greta Van Fleet is a rock band hailing from Frankenmuth, MI and is comprised of three brothers and their childhood friend. Two of the brothers are twins, the youngest two members are still in high school and it’s kind of crazy how much the singer sounds like Robert Plant. Yes, they do have names and they are Jake Kiszka on guitars, Josh Kiszka on vocals, Sam Kiszka on bass/keyboards and Danny Wagner on drums.

0010715577_10Mattiel’s new single/video “Whites of Their Eyes” from Burger Records is a tasty slice of city-meets-desert Americana: an energetic anthem with chugging electronic rhythms and just a sweet hint of twang. A designer by day, the video is sumptuous with red and rustic colors and vivid imagery, matching the ready-for-stadium-rock appeal of her shouted challenges and big-beat backing. “Mattiel” in the Urban Dictionary is “a young female who likes to take baths with a lot of crayons,” and that warm, artistic description of her tag explains the creative pleasure of her work.

Alvvays2017Canada’s Alvvays have a new album on the way called Antisocialities. Due out September 8th via Polyvinyl, it marks their sophomore record following their 2014 self-titled debut. Last month, the indie pop outfit shared the LP’s lead single, a wistful yet infectious number called “In Undertow.” Now, the official music video has been revealed. Directed by Joe Garrity, it’s a fuzzy, dreamlike watch starring singer Molly Rankin, who describes it as “aquacosmic psych meets public access TV.” There are kaleidoscopic colors as well as dizzying camera tricks involving mirrored images. “I’m aware of my own drowning fixation and fascinated by that bizarre lunar-tidal relationship,” Rankin explains in a press statement. “We’ve already filled our water video quota. Space is a trippier ocean.”

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