Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #13


Happy Independence Day, rockers! Don’t go blowing off any fingers, be safe out there! Here’s a rockin’ mixtape to kick off your holiday with a video by Patsy’s Rats followed by a new video by Canadian garage rockers Pale Lips and to end the show is a psychedelic trip by Max Pain and The Groovies!

12244256_1498508980450172_7131460209993480505_oPatsy of Patsy’s Rats was “Conceived on tour, on the road to Berlin. Eagle spirit adorned in Lake Tahoe during our wedding ceremony,” says papa Howe Gelb of daughter Patsy, songwriting frontwoman of glammy power-poppers Patsy’s Rats. “Her blazing blue soul woke me up on Court Avenue just prior to birth. She survived being born six weeks premature in Hollywood. Learned to dance at Pappy & Harriet’s [a storied joint near Joshua Tree] just a few years afterwards. Basically, raised by wolves. Her stepmom showed her the ways of the old country. Not Hank Williams, foo’. Denmark. I assisted with the Hank part.” Other strands in Patsy Gelb’s musical DNA come from her gifted mother Paula Jean Brown. In ’84, Brown became the bassist for The Go-Go’s and then co-wrote “Mad About You,” the huge (Top 10) Belinda Carlisle’s solo hit. Brown has also toured with everyone from Steve Wynn to Sparklehorse. So, yeah, the trajectory, as sequenced in her DNA, is clear. Patsy Gelb was, um, born to rock, as they say.

14706948_1703798179842724_989002910103526173_oMontreal punk rockers PALE LIPS just can’t seem to stay outta trouble! Whether it’s exploding themselves, kitchen catastrophes, scooter bloopers, messing around with an Old Flame, or just cockily waving their switchblades around the mean streets of New York City, the girls’ inept buffoonery will make you roll your eyes while sighing,

16904607_1415935041771516_8419290120911670296_oSometimes we daydream about forming our own personal cartoon cosmos of music, hand-drawn and unstoppable, filled with bands that are too cool to actually exist, with riffs so huge, so catchy, they can bridge the unimaginable, endless yawning void between galaxies. In space, no one can hear you get down and boogie. But mostly, we just hang out and listen to Deep Purple records. With the billion-star-bright impression left in our mind after listening to “Electro Cosmic” by Max Pain and the Groovies, it’s like doing both of those things at the same time.


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