Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #11


Hey rockers! Starting this one out with a goofy video for Talk 2 Her by Burger Records artist Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs. To follow up is a track by brand new band out of L.A. called Saint Cecilia with their song We Know Us. This mixtape comes to a loud halt with a raging fast paced punk song called Gender of My Animals by Rad Payoff from Chicago!

640Toronto’s Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs, the band that emerged onto the scene with the snappy melodies of power-pop and the lo-fi abrasiveness of classic garage. But going deeper into the band’s discography, they’ve set foot with stripped-down garage on their 2011 self-titled album. Leading up to 2014’s Gates Of Hell, the band’s sound gradually evolved from lo-fi simplicity to powerful rock n’ roll hooks reminiscent of bands like Cheap Trick and The Cars. On their new self-titled album, Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs are propelled forward with colorful songwriting and pristine production. Lead single, “Talk 2 Her,” opens the album with hard-hitting guitar chords and catchy vocals that embody a glimmer of heartland rock, and other tracks such as “Judy” and “Ragnarok” embody a similar melodic zeal. “Tough” captures the no-frills core of classic rock n’ roll with guitar chops and bold melodies espoused by Thin Lizzy. The band flexes their rock n’ roll prowess with the punked up energy of  the buoyant “Voicemail” and sinister “Pressure.” This album is a significant turning point for Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs. The band’s songwriting is spot-on, but they still know how to have fun, as seen on the official video for “Talk 2 Her.” Until the next release, this is a band to watch out for.

17017204_1885629905039567_8830205373362344574_oSaint Cecilia‘s first-ever video arrives just in time to remind anybody with a short attention span (ahem) what a delight their debut album “Entrance” (released last October) is. Drenched in twining female harmonies and retro sunshine, the music marked a new turn for Cecilia Enriquez, returning to the fore for the first time since she played in C-horse. The video for “We Know Us,” directed by James Sebastian Fendelander, is a straightforward affair, with Enriquez wearing one a currently omnipresent “The Future Is Female” T-shirts and she and her band charge through the song and its straight-outta-the-’60s “ba ba ba’s.” Sing-alongs are inevitable.

0009047380_10Rad Payoff, which touts members of Sass Dragons, is about to release Slow & Weird, which, true to its name, sees the band trying to diverge a bit from their razor-wire sound by splicing in some more dramatic elements. On “Gender of My Animals,” though, Rad Payoff are still on their biting, break-neck flow.

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