Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #10


Well we’ve made it to Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #10! This one kicks it out with a all new music starting out with Dusty Mush from France! Up next is a heavy fuzzy ride with Las Robertas from Costa Rica! To close out this week’s mixtape is garage rockers, Ice Cold Slush from London with their song call Brain freeze! Thanks for watching and please SHARE if you like what you saw! We appreciate your support. Check back next week for new great music videos!!!

Dusty-Mush-Press-ShotDusty Mush are a French three-piece, comprising Maxime Saïd (Drums), Romain Duplessier (Bass), and Cédric Bottacchi (Guitar, keyboard & vocals); in addition to the lo-fi sounds of their music, Duplessier has  also recorded some videos on VHS as if to underline their approach (see above video). This desire to step back in terms of technology towards something that is less polished is, conversely, more difficult to achieve given the more intricate techniques that are involved. For me, though, they have been worth it in the way that they have produced both sound and visuals that enhance the music without playing to nostalgia.

imageCosta Rica has blessed us with the 60’s retro inspired band Las Robertas. For those who don’t know, the San José based trio consists of drummer Fabrizio Durán, guitarist and vocalist Mercedes Oller, and bassist and vocalist Sonya Carmona. Their distinguishing echoing and hypnotizing sirena-like voices over punk and psychedelic melodies creates a complete trance of their own. You’ll immediately be sonically drawn into the world of Las Robertas. Las Robertas’ upcoming album Waves of the New came out May 5th.

ICE-COLD-SLUSH-e1489937950403Ice Cold Slush have a name which brings back a really horrible memory of me begging my mum to buy me a blue slush puppy, and I drank it so fast I threw up. Blue sick. All over me. It took a long time for me to have one ever again. Painful memory aside, Ice Cold Slush thankfully don’t leave me throwing up over myself. They have this sound that’s every part distorted with hints of obscure Garage rock bands you didn’t even know existed. They’ve got a real basement band feel about them. They’re a band that you evidently need to see live. As I’m pretty much in no state to sit/stand/lay for long periods of time at the moment (an everlasting back problem that is making me grouchy and the painkillers I have aren’t doing a thing is just an added bonus) I’d urge YOU to go see them. I have every feeling that their live shows will be rowdy and just a thrilling thing to be part of. Most of their clips on their soundcloud page are live recordings, and that alone just sets the tone for how they are, for how excellent they are. Their sound is nothing short of perfect and it reminds me of so many bands I’ve loved before from Bikini Kill to Vivian Girls. A real lo-fi sound that’ll make you want to either join their band, or start your own. Ice Cold Slush are three buddies from London who make a lot of noise. The kind of noise a teen would play to irk a parent or for an adult to escape the world from. Actually, irrespective of age, we all want to escape sometimes. Their name automatically makes you think of the summer, the pleasant side of it. But after listening to them, their sound resembles that murky, sticky feeling of being somewhere too hot. Covered in sweat that belongs to you and whoever else. Basically, they sound like a great time. They instantly make you feel as if you’re in a tiny venue covered in drinks and sweat. If you leave a gig, and this doesn’t happen or you’re not injured in some way- then you’ve not had a good time. Allow yourself to get smacked a few times and lob a drink over yourself if you must.


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