Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #9


To start off is a new video by a band from the London called The Shoots with their hit right out of the gates “I Don’t Know.” Followed by a new surfy garage rock jam by Austin Texas rockers, Soaked with their song “Julia.” And to go out out with a huge bang this week is “The Loudest band in the World” the Icelandic loud garage punks Pink Street Boys blasting their new track called “Wet.” Thanks for watching and listening, rockers! SHARE this if you enjoyed this week’s mixtape!

the-shoots-04The Shoots consist of Paul Orwell (guitar / backing vocals) & vocal extraordinaire Lord Essien with a live band featuring Michael Parrett (bass) & Charley Herbert (drums). Featuring 4 prong push out centres & wavy edged company sleeve, the sound and image take you back to 1965 and the heyday of British Rhythm & Blues.

6719885 (1)Soaked is a band from Austin, Texas that looks like a freakin’ band. Look at the album cover for Don’t Wanna Wake Up Today. Young, frivolous, drinking beer, bohemian and long hair. That aesthetic has been popular for decades and it’s not going away. I’d also argue the general garage/surf rock sound these young guys play isn’t going anywhere either. If you have even glazed the fringe of rock for the last couple years you will know bands like Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin have helped somewhat to resurrect garage rock. Did it ever go away? Before digital recording I would say a bit but now that almost anyone can record, every genre that was popular has a niche pool of artists who keep it alive. ​Let’s face it there are a copious bands out there following the footsteps of those aforementioned bands. Unfortunately most aren’t in the same league. Soaked isn’t one of those bands. The band has that spark, X-factor whatever you want to call it that makes the music stand out against a lot of the noise.

11234869_441378312739784_2167038585829246896_oDuring a break between songs, a friend shouts into my ear, “They are too loud!” I try to respond, but my words are lost to Pink Street Boys’ onslaught of guitars, pedals, unintelligible vocals and loud drums. At a time when cultural export is the name of the game, with local bands cashing in on the world’s interest in the dreamy and cute Icelandic sound, Pink Street Boys are unruly, crass, full of attitude, unapologetic, and as my friend previously mentioned, loud. The five-piece band only stepped onto the scene a couple of years ago, shredding through their 60s-style garage rock wherever they could. They’ve been busy, too, releasing a demo cassette, and recently a vinyl through 12 Tónar’s record label. Their boisterous attitude on stage is mirrored off of it, as I discovered when I shared a room with them at last year’s Eistnaflug festival—their drunken antics preventing me from getting much sleep over the weekend.

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