Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #8


This week’s mixtape starts out with a killer new song by U.K. punk rocker Louise Distras! Up next is a punk band I was lucky enough to catch live that opened for Biters this week in Toledo called Frankie + The Studs from L.A. To end the show is a wild video by a garage rock band from Argentina called Kill West! Till next week rockers! Thanks for following and watching!

Louise-Distras-400x338Louise Distras is making a lot of people around the world sit up and take notice of the songwriter being described as “the 21st century Joe Strummer who personifies punk rock spirit and renegade soul”. The twelve tracks of Dreams From The Factory Floor really show her ability to channel her passion into some damn fine songwriting. Having seen her live, I can tell you that the songs and her tendency to wield her guitar like a deadly weapon, makes you want to pay attention to what she’s saying. Because she has something to say, and it’s worth listening to.

12764783_1557381061243687_1886752830315012570_oFrankie & the Studs are a retro 70s glam rock band, fronted by 21-year old Frankie Clarke, daughter of Gilby Clarke (Guns ’n’ Roses, Kill for Thrills, Candy). With her leather jumpsuit and glitter Kohl eyes, Frankie at first glance brings to mind Suzi Quatro and the Runaways, and if you keep listening, you will hear Ramones and Bowie influences as well. Frankie’s songs are the kind of fist pumping glam rock that get the audience on their feet cheering, and their cover of Nick Gilder’s 1978 hit, “Hot Child in the City” shows they have listened to all the right records. Much like her dad, Frankie is a naturally charismatic performer, all attitude and stage presence. And not surprisingly considering her lineage, she shreds on guitar. The rest of the Studs consist of Ronnie Simmons on guitar, Johnny Martin on bass, and Matt Lucich on drums, all skilled players with incredible presence. This band is as fun to watch as they are to hear.

1475774184316-kwbandpic-1Kill West is a 5-piece rock outfit hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Formed in bandleader Franco Beceiro’s garage in late 2012, the band consists of Beceiro on vocals and guitar, Joel Menazzi on bass, Martin Valentini on guitar, and brothers Nicolas and Mario Miele on drums and keys. “Kill West drives right into the black hole of reverb, thick guitars, wah-wah pedals and draggy tempos that you might associate with 30 years ago, the time of the Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine.” – The New York Times

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