Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #7


This week’s mixtape kicks off with a new song called Fight! by Norwegian garage rockers Death By Unga Bunga. Up next is wild and crazy punk band from Arizona called Playboy Manbaby with their song called Cheap Wine. To end this one is a fun song that channels the spirit of Marc Bolan called Television by Michael Parrett from the U.K.

DBUB5-highresIf your band is named Death By Unga Bunga, I think we can pretty much assume we’re in for a fun ride, and that’s certainly what we get on the Norwegian rock band’s fourth LP Pineapple Pizza. Now I know what you’re thinking — fourth LP! I would have remembered a name like Death By Unga Bunga! That’s true; this is actually the band’s first album to see a North America release and us, North American scum, are all the better for it. Pineapple Pizza is a fine introduction to the band’s retro-rock loving style — a storm of garage rock, psychedelia, and power pop.

1378608_635200759833431_1499812386_nEven though Playboy Manbaby is a Phoenix super-group featuring some of the most musically talented Phoenicians the Valley of the Sun has to offer, they have always been more of a live band than one for the studio. But Don’t Let it Be will change all that. Don’t get me wrong: Playboy Manbaby will always be one of the most electrifying live bands in the country, but with the release of their new LP, they have a record that can stand up to their live performances.

16142716_1865225773692410_3682416415680111177_nMichael Parrett has influences flowing fast on the Michael Parrett train – from Marc Bolan, Ray Davies to bla bla bla – comparisons and name-drops become irrelevant once you realize you are also listening to something, and someone, who digs the journey they’re on.  We’ve had the privilege of hearing 5 songs from the sessions so far and what a killer bunch of tunes they are.

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