Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #5


Wassup Rockers!? This week’s Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #5 begins with Australian punk band Brad Pot‘s video for their song Waiting for the Airstrike. Up next is a new track by The Coathangers called Captains Dead. To end the show is a new song called All my best bands are has beens by fast pop punk band Clobber from the U.K.

0008876992_10.jpgBRAD POT who, like most of history’s best rockin’ outfits, don’t rely on politics to rip, but get straight to the fucking POINT of radical rock’n’roll.

cc63bc71c0184e66b0889060f2ffc7d0The Coathangers are a punk rock band from Atlanta. The band formed in 2006 as a joke. After playing a house show, they were asked to open for The Hiss on the strength of their performance. The name “Coathangers” refers to a method of self-induced abortion and was chosen for its irreverent vulgarity; all of the band’s members are pro-choice.

fp-1492377801Clobber is a fast paced three-piece punk band from Redditch, Worcestershire, UK who say that some of their most influential bands are Funbug, Pulley, Propagandhi, Jawbreaker, and Frenzal Rhomb. “Britun First” is an anti-nationalist anthem that takes on Britain’s far-right organization Britain First.

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