Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #4


To start off this week’s mixtape is a brand spanking new track from Austin, TX band, Dream Machine, off their upcoming album called Illusion! Next is another brand new track from Lolipop Records by The Broken Hearts called Tomorrow Night! And to end this week’s mixtape is a new video all the way from down under in New Zealand by a band called The Cavemen! Thanks for listening, rockers! Till next week, keep on rockin’!

Dream-Machine-Promo-Photo“When Matthew Melton told us he had two brand new records for us to hear, a final Warm Soda record as well as a new band with his wife Doris called Dream Machine, I must admit there was a little sadness that Warm Soda had run its course. Then I put on Dream Machine and poof, a puff of smoke and a familiar looking magician appears, beckoning for me to jump through his top hat and we’re off! The vibe makes a deft jump from Warm Soda’s terse power pop to tongue in groove swinging proto-metal a la Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple, Heart, and more than a hint of LA’s dark masters The Doors…Doris absolutely murders the organ all over this thing, along with some perfectly placed synthesizer pepper – it’s just jammed with hooks and pulsing vintage vibes but in an unassailably clever and accomplished manner. This band is going to be the background party band of the summer I can already tell, this sounds like a saturday night satanic ritual in a sunsetting Austin backyard, everyone dressed to the nines and we’re fuckin goin’ there man. If I didn’t know Melton already I would have lost my shit seeing this out in the wild – expertly played, fantastically recorded (at A = 432 hz, by the way) and just a real tasty party platter of a record here for you – it’s out on Castle Face Records May 19th.”   -John Dwyer

18057657_697529523752058_2002110686454580538_nThe Broken Hearts is a new group formed by Wyatt Blair and Louis who started playing together in a band called Feeding People a few years ago. Louis also accompanies Wyatt Blair in his other solo project. Wyatt & Louis went to Tucson to record these few tracks in the studio of (The ResonarsMatt Rendonwho plays on the album, along with Dan Maroti on bass. This band released their first album – “Lost In Little Tokyo” and I am happy to offer you its intergalactic listening. So, you know, Wyatt Blair has always done the (power) pop thing, from his very first album “The Rubinoos” to his second LP much more “Ferris Bueler”. His alternative projects do not fail to explore the many facets of this musical genre which is more a cultural label than a real landmark. With The Broken Hearts, Wyatt Blair and Louis play straddling psychedelic music from the 60’s, 70’s power pop and the 80’s . The Broken Hearts is trying to marry different styles that I do not know have been already confronted in this way.

download.jpgYou don’t use the name ‘Cavemen’ in New Zealand lightly. In polite company, any mention of the infamous Auckland punks registers merely cold stares and hushed voices. The group themselves even claim to be a ‘great band to clear a party.’ The Cavemen formed in high school over a shared love of glue and wild rock ‘n’ roll. Having spent several years drinking and loitering around the various basements, graveyards and parking lots of Auckland, The Cavemen honed their rock ‘n’ roll chops, emerging from their troglodytic existence in around 2012 to deliver NZ back to the stone-age. Now, New Zealand’s most dangerous rock ‘n’ roll band have brought their depraved spectacle to the northern hemisphere. They arrived in London December 2015 and have plans to conquer Europe too. On the decision to move, the band’s singer, Paul Caveman, explains: ‘No bar will have us, no station will play us… we might as well fuck off too the other side of the world.’

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