Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #3


All NEW songs! This week’s video mixtape begins with a song by Canadian Psych Rockers, Chocolat followed by a great punk band from Brooklyn, New York called Worriers and to end the mix is a fun song by glam rockers Hammered Satin from Los Angeles!

chocolatChocolat is the kind of band that shouldn’t play on a stage; they should be on the same level as the crowd so their energy can crash against us.

0003262897_10Worriers are an American melodic punk collective from Brooklyn, New York. The band’s music is centered on the songwriting of the former vocalist/guitarist of The Measure (SA), Lauren Denitzio. Worriers remains Lauren’s primary band with friends Mikey Erg, Rachel Rubino, Audrey Zee Whitesides, John McClane, and Lou Hanman, among others. They have records out on Don Giovanni Records, No Idea Records and Yo-Yo Records.

HAMMERED-SATINHammered Satin are embodying the sound of the 70’s rockers. With a singer who is taking influences from David Bowie and Robert Plant. You’ve got subtle yet ever important bass lines with guitar solos that should make Deep Purple proud. You can hear Thin Lizzy, Bowie, and a bit of the Ramones. They may look glam on stage, but don’t be fooled – they will knock you out cold with one single blast of their guitars.”- Gears of Music

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