Wassup Rocker Radio Mixtape #2


Welcome Rockers! This week’s mixtape I bring you all NEW tracks starting off with a visually wild music video by Sex Stains with their song Land of La La. Followed up by Italian glam rockers Faz Waltz with the title track from their 2015 album Move Over. Up next is a brand new quick song by Big Eyes called Curse of the Tides. The final song of this week’s mixtape is a new song by Burger Records’ stoner garage rockers Gymshorts. More great things to come next week! Check back here and for more fun things go LIKE the Wassup Rocker Radio Facebook!

0916sexstains_lg Sex Stains is an American rock band from Los Angeles formed in 2014 by Allison Wolfe, the former member of Bratmobile, alongside David Orlando, Sharif Dumani, Francisco “Pachy” Garcia, and Mecca Vazie Andrews. In 2016, the band had released their debut album, eponymously titled “Sex Stains”

IMG_0959 For fans seeking the freshness of a revival of the 1970s glam that birthed the likes of Slade of the Sweet, you are in for a treat with Italy’s Junkshop stompers, Faz Waltz. Since forming in 2007, each release see’s Faz Waltz continuing to produce a polished and vibrant sound. Their music that mixes the gritty aspects of glam rock while injecting itself with the high energy of power pop. Their style contains certain elements that nod toward the simplicity and infectiously poppy nature found with Gary Glitter, but with an overwhelming electrified rocking sensation longing for Jook or Hammersmith Gorillas.

50f86d49b1356Armed with a swaggering attitude and crunchy riffs, Big Eyes deliver a modern take on punk rock and power pop. As singer/guitarist Kate Eldridge’s bands Cheeky and Used Kids split up, she formed Big Eyes in Brooklyn in 2009 along with bassist and Kicking Spit/Seasick alum Mark Bronzino and drummer C.J. Frederick. They debuted with a demo 7” and cassette the next summer, followed that December by the Why Can’t I 7” for the Don Giovanni label. The trio embarked on its first U.S. tour as 2011 began, offering a self-titled EP that spring. Big Eyes’ full-length debut, Hard Life, arrived that summer for Don Giovanni, as the band relocated to Seattle, parting ways with Bronzino and bringing in Keith Spencer to handle bass duties on the road.

gym_shorts Gymshorts was formed in 2012 with lead guitarist, Devin Demers. “We wrote songs and tried to find a band for a year.” Sarah was living in New York and commuting to Providence, RI for the band. “I like driving and some of the songs I wrote came from the commute.” In 2013, she moved to Providence.


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